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YMMV / Dragon Ball Z Team Training

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  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • Pilaf, the final Gym Leader pretty much amounts to this. His team consists of several villains from the original Dragon Ball series, while your team probably consists of several Super Saiyans and fully evolved Dragon Ball Z villains. Given that the power gap between these characters is also portrayed in this game, your team will probably wipe the floor with Pilaf's.
    • The final battle with your Rival can also be a subtle case of this. Before fighting your rival, you'll fight against King Kai, whose team include the highly powerful Gogeta and Vegeto, which you can only catch after beating the league or, in Gogeta's case, trading the hard to obtain Gotenks away. Your Rival, on the other hand, still uses a team of fully evolved Com Mons, making him feel less impressive than King Kai.
  • Special Effect Failure: Some of the modified overworld sprites suffer from this, due to being based on sprites from the original game. Good examples are:
    • Dr. Briefs, whose sprite is based on Professor Oak's. Whenever Briefs turns to the side, his haircut resembles that of Professor Oak.
    • The male Team Pilaf members are based on Shu, Pilaf's half-human/half-dog hybrid lackey. But, once again, when they look to the side, their snout disappears, making them look like Team Rocket Grunts with slightly modified hats.

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