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YMMV / Digimon Adventure 02 M 1 Transcendent Evolution The Golden Digimentals

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  • Ass Pull: Angewomon and Angemon evolving to their Ultimate forms out of nowhere and releasing the golden Digimentals. It's even worse in the dub; the original version at least tried to explain it away feebly with having Angewomon and Angemon tell Hikari and Takeru to "combine light and hope" in the hopes something will happen, but the dub just has them mention "releasing the golden DigiEggs" and digivolve to Mega out of absolutely nowhere.
    • Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori somehow miraculously managing to take a plane to America in no time flat.
  • Bizarro Episode: Even though it's more than a little surreal, the movie has a relatively easy-to-follow storyline...up until it gets to the point where Angewomon and Angemon evolve to their Ultimate forms, at which point everything promptly stops making what little sense it had.

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