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YMMV / Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 25 Years Later

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  • Ass Pull: Part 20 reveals that Greg survived his apparent suicide, and the newspaper article claiming he was dead was just sloppy journalism. It wasn't foreshadowed in any way and doesn't explain why Greg's friends and family didn't bother to check if he was still alive.
  • Memetic Mutation: Parts 9-10 due to Rowley's infamous one-liner:
    Rowley: I'm not gay, Greg.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Manny when he lights his dad's grave on fire. Jesus.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Manny has done some questionable things in the books before, but in this fic, he outright betrays his family, and goes so far as to burn his father's grave.
    • Frank is a strict father in the books, but in this fic, he is abusive and homophobic.
  • Tear Jerker: Part 19, a newspaper article about Greg's suicide. Rowley makes a statement praising Greg and expressing regret for not "exploring" their "very complex relationship" more. He's also made a Zoo-Wee Mama! strip about the first time he met Greg as a tribute to him. Susan is too distraught for words, and Rodrick only says "I only wish he would have talked to me about it", which is made more heartbreaking by the fact that one of Greg's last decisions before his suicide was choosing not to talk to Rodrick because he was afraid of screwing up Rodrick's happy life.
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  • What an Idiot!: If Greg had remembered about Meemaw's ring before his dad's death, things probably wouldn't have ended as badly.

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