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YMMV / Asuka Quest

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  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Asuka befriending the other pilots. They're True Companions now, not the Dysfunction Junction they were in canon.
      • The moment where, after getting off to a bad start, Asuka tells Kaworu that they're going to help him survive, because he's part of the family now.
    • Asuka and Rei's relationship.
    • Ritsuko and Maya start dating.
  • Moment of Awesome: Oh, where to begin...
    • The crazy physics vs. AT field shenanigans the community comes up with.
    • Asuka forking herself and taking advantage of a Reality-Breaking Paradox move in the sims to defeat Iruel.
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    • Doing the nigh-impossible, and managing to fix NGE characters' mental issues.
    • Most of the Angel battles, after Asuka gets the hang of fighting and AT hax. The later angels have to seriously ramp up their game in order to stand a chance against her, and when she fights simulations of the angels that didn't, it's a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Defeating ramped-up Bardiel without physically harming the pilot, even under the threat of Dummy Plug hijacking.
    • Asuka defeating and devouring Zeruel.
    • The battle against Tabris. Asuka and Rei manage to beat an angel in hand-to-hand combat. They even save Kaworu's life while they're at it.
    • The battle against the Mass Production Evangelions.
    • Asuka and Mari vs Demi-Adam. Asuka comes up with a new AT field trick mid-battle to take advantage of her opponent's Logical Weakness.
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    • Third Impact is averted. Not happened-but-sorta-negated, like in canon. It just never happens, as Gendo has a Heel–Face Turn and Asuka ruins SEELE's plans by destroying all their EV As.
    • Any scenario in the dreamworld is a combination of this and Funny Moments.
    • And of course, the undisputed king of all awesome moments: batting a home run on Sahaquiel.


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