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YMMV / Aliens Go Home Run!

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  • Breather Level: Any level where you get Guis to use as multiballs.
  • Goddamned Boss: Nearly every boss other than the first one gets increasingly more complicated ways to block or dodge your attacks.
    • Ferror's bottom is immune to damage, so for the first time BatWave is useless. The ball can only hit it from above, or the sides when it turns its flamethrowers.
    • Kruskal has shields both on its top and bottom.
    • Djikstra has a full invincible barrier that briefly turns off sometimes.
    • Bovruka teleports everytime he's close to being hit, unless it happens twice in row.
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    • Heap has a full shield that must be hit several times. The shield recovers every now and then and the actual boss is the smallest of them.


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