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YMMV / Aeon Natum Engel

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  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • Shalim-Shachar (re-skinned Israfel, the 7th Angel) is eliminated early. Dancing is way too silly in this setting.
    • Inverted with Moloch (re-skinned Sandaphalon, the 8th Angel) which is turned from a rather anti-climatic Angel defeated by egregious middle-school physics into a giant escalating battle spanning the length of a conventional novel, that just gets worse and worse.
    • Word of God says that if there was an ANE anime, Operation CATO would be the season 1 finale.
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  • Crazy Awesome: Oh, sure, the fic may act like it's trying to avert it. But, really, a fight between a Star-Spawn with a Mythos-ized Barrier Jacket and Intelligent Device (Signum's to be specific) playing the role of Asuka, versus lobotomized-Cthuloid-monster-Engels playing the MP Evas (so, pretty much the same thing), in a re-enactment of the climactic battle of End of Evangelion, under the sea, in a giant grotto with a statue of Cthulhu that gets used in the fight? Yeah, it's Crazy Awesome.
  • Genius Bonus: If you're smart enough. If not, then it's Fridge Brilliance after checking the net.
  • Subbing vs. Dubbing: Ken rants about the inferiority of the both Post-Reform and Pre-Reform official English dubs & subs compared to the original Japanese and how they screwed things up. This is how he recognizes the Japanese Shinji was mumbling, by the way.
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  • The Woobie: By Word of God, the local genocidal Starfish Aliens, the Migou, are his personal woobies.


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