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  • Critical Research Failure: Adolf Kamil tells Adolf Kaufman that in order to be a Jew, he needs to praise Jehovah. Even though Jews never use God's name. They usually write his name as "G*d". This is done to make sure that they never take his name in vain, so Kamil pronouncing it that casually is very strange.
    • But then, it would be fairly in character for him not to pay much attention in Hebrew School.
    • Much of the plot revolves around the largely discredited notion that Hitler's grandfather was a Jew. Also, the old chestnut about Roosevelt knowing about Pearl Harbor in advance makes an appearance.
      • While the "advance knowledge" conspiracy theory has been pretty thoroughly debunked (American authorities were aware a Japanese attack was imminent, but the precise location was unknown. And they certainly did not want to be defeated, let alone suffer the near annihilation of the Pacific Fleet. The Americans had ignorantly and sloppily expected that all their bases were on high alert and ready to repulse an attack.), the Jewish ancestry of Hitler is now considered a total fringe theory. While Hitler having Jewish ancestry was possible, many historians regard it as unlikely, though as of 2010, a study revealed that Hitler's haplogroup is of a kind commonly found in Africans and Jews, though many historians have pointed it out that it does not necessarily mean Hitler was of Jewish descent, African descent, or any combination of the two.
      • Also, in 1945 after Hitler's death, the documents are handed over to Adolf Kamil so he can give them to the Jews... and are never heard of again.
  • Moral Event Horizon: A bit of an odd example, in that it's not the act so much as the character's later acceptance of it that qualifies. When Adolf Kaufman is forced to kill his best friend's dad as a "loyalty test", he's so nervous it takes three shots to do finish it and he gets physically sick after he's done. However, when he's able to keep on sending letters to Adolf Kamil and acts like nothing happened, you know the Adolf Hitler Schule did its job.
    • If anyone still needs convincing that Adolf is beyond redemption, following the Time Skip to 1944 he's shown rounding up and summarily executing German civilians suspected of anti-Nazi activities, and sending their children to concentration camps.
  • Values Dissonance: Considering it deals with the Axis Powers Deliberate Values Dissonance is heavily invoked, however one thing that smacks of the pure sort is Lampe's assassination of Hitler. The Nazi high command have grown to resent him so much they order his death despite the fact they know he's already suicidal and Lampe shoots him while he's already got the pistol to his head! To a Japanese reader, this scene would have a profound impact due to the tradition of Seppuku. From a Japanese perspective, robbing a man of the right to end his own life "honorably" seconds before he pulls the trigger is probably the cruelest way possible to kill somebody, definitely a fate worthy of a genocidal maniac. Most Westerners would probably see it as terribly unnecessary, or at worst, giving a historical monster a "good death" rather than letting him take his own life in shame.

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