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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Sam was incredibly creepy from the beginning to the end of this movie was this the reason Linda left.
    • Sam was planning on killing Linda from the start if Maggie hadn’t shown up to put the thought of breaking them up in his head
    • Saving all the cockroaches is meant to show that Sam wouldn’t hurt a fly but it just makes him come across as more creepy.
  • Designated Villain: We Hate Movies discussed this the only actual "villainous" thing Aton is shown to do is sleep with a health inspector, and even that is simply to keep himself and his restaurant financially secure after Meg Ryan's character commits credit fraud with his savings account; in other words, a hard-working immigrant who loves his girlfriend and is a great boss to his staff (who will all likely become unemployed in the wake of his business folding) was pushed to commit infidelity by two jealous psychopaths stalking him, and we, the audience, are meant to hate him for it.
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  • Inferred Holocaust: Anton has a full kitchen staff of employees who love him. By destroying his restaurant, Sam and Maggie put all those people out of work. That doesn’t include the waiters and the bartenders.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The movie really tries to vilify Anton by explaining what a super American success story he is. He is also shown to be a really Nice Guy given that he hires Sam even though he remembered him as the guy who sucker punched him as thinking he was homeless he wanted to give him a chance. Even after Sam and Maggie prevail in the scheme leaving Anton drowning in debt he proved to be the Determinator. Only breaking down when Maggie destroyed his looks and still he attempted to build himself back up by getting a job as a chef. Finally after he discovered what Sam did to him while understandable angry he quickly forgave him.
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: The movie tries to make Maggie come across as cute and quirky but she just appears unbalanced and crazy. Yes Anton used her to get to America but she already loses sympathy given that it was hinted to be quite awhile ago given that she had time to train herself to be a pick pocket. So she has been stalking him for a long time. She steals money from Sam to pay for the satellite radio her excuse for it that she robs everyone. She Plant evidence of Anton cheating, uses his card to fund their schemes, taking money out of his atm. Essentially she is systematically ruining this guys life because he left her. Even after they completely destroy his life she legitimately tries to kill him.

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