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YMMV / A Little Angel on My Shoulder

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  • Tear Jerker: While most of the Angel On My Shoulder series is played for comedy, with bits of awesome and heartwarming here & there, there are a choice few moments that are this instead. One that springs to mind is an incident where Gaghiel tries to cheer Asuka up. Unfortunately, he accomplishes this by finding a veritable horde of dolls; she comes home from school to see her room filled with them, along with Gaghiel being his usual self. Her horror steadily grows as he obliviously floats around naming them, until he pulls out one that happens to look exactly like the doll from Asuka's rather horrendous backstory. After she screams and chucks it out the window, she curls up on herself and starts quietly sobbing and muttering as she dips into a traumatic flashback. Gaghiel, realizing how badly he's screwed up, just floats up to her and hugs her, and Asuka is so vulnerable at the moment that she just returns it.
    • Not much later on, there's another bit where Asuka is arguing with Arael, who is trying to convince Asuka she needs to talk to somebody about her problems. When Asuka rejects the offered 'help', Areal shows her an image of her younger self hanging alongside her mother. The heartbreaking part? Asuka is happy to see this:
    "Well news flash, you don't understand people by bringing their...oh God. That...that's me. That's me with Mama. She chose me! She finally chose me to die with her! I know this isn't real, it can't be real, but I don't care! She'll never stop looking at me now; I was the last thing she saw, the last thing she'll ever see..."

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