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YMMV / A Dog's Life

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A Dog's Life is the name of both a movie, an entirely unrelated one act play, and also an unrelated book. Please list the separate tropes under the appropriate headings.

The book:

  • Tear Jerker: Squirrel's life isn't pleasant. She's abandoned by her mother at too-young an age, loses her brother after losing their mother, spends most of her life near-starvation and lonely in the streets, sees her Only Friend Moon get hit by a car, and near exclusively meets neglectful and abusive owners. Eventually she does Earn Their Happy Ending as a senior but it's still a Bittersweet Ending because her owner could die before her, making her future uncertain, and she never did reunite with Bone.

The film:

The play:

  • Anvilicious: Humans completely control the lives of dogs.
  • Tear Jerker: Where do I even begin?
  • The Woobie: All of the dogs end up as this, but Ben and Ginger especially.

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