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Fine Sometimes Rain is a completed slice of life webcomic about love, friendship and overcoming depression.

Set in the fictional college town of Fox Hill on the West coast, our heroine Georgia has just inherited her grandmother's house and finds herself sunk into a depressive state with little direction in life. Through her interactions with her childhood friends and new neighbor she slowly begins to re-evaluate her life and realizes she is no longer following her dreams, nor even knows what they are anymore. Thus begins her journey to figure out what her true life goals are and how to achieve lasting happiness.

Fine Sometimes Rain contains examples of:

  • Childhood Friends: Georgia, Rita, Ean, Siggi and Jen are all childhood friends.
  • Cool Bike: Jun was introduced on a "cool bike", which was a major source of irritation for our heroine Georgia.
  • Fiery Redhead: Rita is a fiery redhead, always outgoing and ready to defend her best friend Georgia.
  • Missing Mom: Georgia's mother has passed away before the events in the comic.
  • Scenery Porn: Gratuitous garden shots.