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All Star Heroes is a drawn web comic, and is a Mega Crossover starring and featuring characters from various video games, most of whom given new looks and abilities. Its format is that each comic is split into an episodic format, with the author drawing, inking and uploading one-third of the comic at a time. Each "episode" lasts around 50-60 pages.

The comic follows the story of a team of mismatched heroes with different abilities and backstories, working to protect the planet of Corneria (from Star Fox). The team of six consists of their leader Gremio (Suikoden), the second-in-command Billy Kane (Fatal Fury), the powerful fighter Ally Gator (Black & Bruised), the tech genius Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot), the muscled Toad (Super Mario Bros.) and the plastic pyromaniac Scorch (Army Men). Under the watch of an admiral named Cortez (Timesplitters), the six protect their planet from villains, facing off with a different and new one every episode.


The comic can be found here or on the author's page here.

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