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We create musical video experiments.

collectivecadenza, better known as CDZA is a YouTube collective of New York City-based musicians, who create quirky (usually one-take) music videos revolving around a theme, such as "History of Misheard Lyrics" and "City Streets, Famous Musicians". Their channel can be found here and their official site here.

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Tropes seen in their videos include:


  • Compilation Movie: "The European Odyssey" is a collection of four short experiments they did in various European locales.
  • Leave the Camera Running: Many of their videos end with one of the singers holding up a "click to subscribe" sign while they all try to stand very still and keep straight faces, as the camera continues running.
  • Mondegreen: "History of Misheard Lyrics"
  • The Oner: A distinctive feature of their videos. Non-Oner videos are Something Completely Different.
  • Schedule Slip: Since starting "The Instrumentals" they have released videos with notoriously long gaps. As of April 2015 their last video ("The Nightmare") was posted Halloween 2014. The most recent project they were involved in was the TV special The Comedy Music Hall of Fame.
  • Translation Train Wreck: "Fresh Prince Google Translated", their most popular video, does this to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme and all 64 languages in Google Translate.
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  • Truck Driver's Gear Change: "Epic Key Changes" is a medley consisting entirely of songs that have a Truck Driver's Gear Change.

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