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Black Box TV is a web series created by Phillip Defranco and TonyV on YouTube. It is based around thriller, horror and sci-fi themes. They can be found here.

This series contains examples of:

  • But Not Too Gay: Zombie. The protagonist, Adrian, and his secret boyfriend, are referred to as 'different' and are only shown hugging.
  • Creepy Child: Cameron in The Babysitter. He won't speak to the babysitter or his mother, speaks seldomly, watches the same YouTube video over and over again, and has a nasty habit of showing up behind people.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: The main character of Proxy's full name can be seen on the description of a Facebook picture: Vince Wilson.
  • Offing the Offspring: Attempted by the father of a wealthy family in She Deserved It. Rather, he wants his son (the younger child) to smother his older sister because he believes her to be the weak link in the family.
  • Reveal Shot:
    • The final shot of The Babysitter. Cameron's mother returns home, only to find Karen lying lifeless on the floor. Cameron cheerfully says Karen's fine, and informs his mother it's almost Special Time. It seems like the video is over... Then we cut to several feet away and see the villains standing behind her with identical Slasher Smile s.
    • Where Are You? The girl gets to the campsite to find her boyfriend still isn't there... then walks down the road to find their wrecked car with their dead bodies inside.