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The group from the first The Gamers will run into the group from the third The Gamers
The former somehow managed to sneak into the real world, and the latter seemed to switched places with their real world counterparts, they may interact.

Ixhasa was completly razed, with NO survivors
  • When Cass defeated them by hunger, his rival stated "We will revive the next turn", but since he won and the other faction never got a "next turn", Ixhasa army of undead was wiped out. Take account that Ixhasa's players enforced a rule: A dead character would remain dead. Since the entire Ixhasan army ended destroyed and not raised, (Up and including "The Ixhasan Player") that kingdom was efectively wiped out. Talk about "Hois by his own petard"!

Dundareel is/will become The Shadow
  • During the conversation with the genie, the genie says: "A Shadow, like the one you may become."
  • The banner behind the Shadow in the RPG scene has the emblem of one of the 9 Empires.
  • When Dundareel was killed, he gained knowledge of the 'real world.'
  • Myriad is sent on a quest to find a world where the apple of life grows "in abundance." "Hide behind the pile of dead bards" level abundance perhaps?
  • Jossed. "The Shadow's Dungeon" module reveals that the Shadow is, in fact, the God-King, Shad-Hujem.
    • But could he and Dundareel be one and the same?
      • Dundareel was involved in the battle that defeated him. It would require time travel.

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