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  • Damien will lose his powers.
    • Class A powers can be affected by brain trauma, as explained in episode 40. Damien has a mental ability, so he would have Class A powers if his ability weren’t considered dangerous. Brain trauma is stressed a lot in episode 40, both for Chloe and for Damien. It isn’t unrealistic that they’d be connected. In addition, in episode 41, Agent Green says that the AM has done all they can for him and that he is being released. If he still had his powers, Annabelle likely wouldn’t let him go again; without his powers, he is no longer a threat.
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    • As of episode 42, this is confirmed.
  • Caleb is demisexual and demiromantic. He's only ever felt romantic or sexual attraction to Adam, and he certainly had developed a, heh, emotional bond to him by then.
    • According to this tumblr post by Lauren Shippen, Caleb hasn't really figured it out yet and she is happy to leave it ambiguous for now.
      • Theeeeeen when/if he figures it out, he'll land on demi. It is a WMG, and "undecided" isn't Jossing.
  • One of the Bright Sides episodes will feature the transgender shapeshifter character seen leaving Dr. Bright's Office by Caleb and Adam.


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