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There will be a Love Triangle between Hiroto, Urara and Anko
  • Both girls have an interest in the boy (Urara is an accomplished manganka who created a popular shonen series and Hiroto was inspired by shonen/sentai heroes; Anko also has an interest in heroes and seems to have a soft spot for Hiroto based on her quote). It's possible that the girls won't be on pleasant terms with each other. Urara is a stickler for order and she would have no patience for a whimsical care-free spirit like Anko. Drama will occur as the girls try to win the vigilante's heart while facing off against each other.

Either Urara or Anko will be the Mastermind of the Killing Game
  • Each of the girls have connections to Hiroto and their interests could be connected to the killing game.
    • Urara is a manga storyteller who currently has a popular shonen series. What better way to create an even more popular series then by creating a real life series based on the killing games? It's also worth mentioning that Hiroto, a vigilante who was inspired by superheroes, is the main protagonist of the fangame. Plus, her Otaku appearance brings to mind canon mastermind Tsumugi Shirogane.
    • Anko is stated to have an admiration for heroes and keeps her identity a secret from everyone because it's romantic. In a nutshell, she Thinks Like a Romance Novel. And much like with Tsumugi, Anko organizing the killing game is her way of creating her own romance novel where she gets to play the female lead and is "rescued" by Hiroto, the Ultimate Vigilante. There's also the fact that she's well versed in the human anatomy and macabre subjects. It wouldn't be too farfetched to imagine that a mastermind would need to know these types of things while organizing their killing game.

Daigo is not as bad a person as he's made out to be
  • As scary and intimidating as Daigo is, he does have some sympathetic points being that he chooses to stay away from 'weaklings' knowing that 'strong people' will eventually hurt them. Daigo associates himself as someone strong so it brings the possibility that he doesn't want to hurt anyone weaker than him. Plus the biography card puts alot of emphasis on Daigo being this walking death machine, so this was possibly done to see him only as that and not someone with potential Hidden Depths.

Kazuya will be a potential culprit and exposing him is going to break him
  • Kazuya's entire world view is based on winning or losing. He himself is a winner and is determined to win no matter what. Considering his selfishness and his self-entitled attitude, Kazuya may try to kill someone in order to escape. And once he's exposed during the class trial, the reality of him having failed at something will be something that damages his mental state.

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