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The skunk religion is part of a Straw Feminist conspiracy
  • Everyone else worships death and time as males, except them, and they're the only race to practice gender discrimination. I call shenanigans.

The Nameless Florin didn't actually choose Rose after Aconite got The Punishment, he left in disgust
  • Seriously, I can't be the only one who found that a little hard to swallow. I figure he did too, and became the first Outcast. But that's not a "happy" ending (nor is it supportive of their religion), so he officially submitted to the central deity.

The red stuff in Faun's booze is Cadmium
  • Battery acid, as a Shout-Out to Alien Ressurection.

The "New Standard" lanuage is Latin

The "outlanders" are so different to the islanders as to be offensive to them
  • For some reason, I feel that the outlander version of fox society should be a joyless USSR-style nation.

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