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Super is in the same universe as the film Kickass
Come on. Someone has to of thought of this. I mean, the main quote on Libbys character page, "You wanna go fight some crime?", was exactly word for word by Red Mist in the first Kick-Ass film. Some Spiritual Successor connection or something

Libby's motivation to rape Frank was sexuality, while her obsession with comic books was what enforced it...
Libby was an obsessive comic geek from the start. And being sociopathic. She reads so many comics that she is aware of the implied rumors of Batman and Robin are Ambiguously Gay, or that there is ignored tension between Batman and Batgirl. So in other words, Libby had the idea in her head that the lead superhero is suppose to sleep with their sidekicks...she wanted her dream to be completely real. To her mentality at least.

The majority of the movie took place inside Frank's mind
Frank couldn't handle the fact that his wife left him for another man, so he creates a super hero fantasy world inside his head where he is a victim, and Jacques is the villain. In reality, his wife left him because of his a extreme christian beliefs and mental issues. Frank is obviously mentally ill. All of the characters do exist in the real world, but they are normal people. Libby isn't a Hollywood Nerd, or a complete psycho, and Jacques is actually a nice guy.

Alternatively, the movie events are real in-universe, except in-universe Frank is actually a cop and he is so deluded that he thinks that he is a superhero.
  • It would explain how he is able to use a firearm easily.

Since Super and Brightburn are in the same universe, The Crimson Bolt might discover the remains of Brandon's ship....
  • ....through breaking into a government lab by complete accident. Remember, at the moments when Crimson Bolt's not being an anti-hero, he's an idiot hero.

Libby will be brought back with alchemy.
Turning her into the Crimson Bolt's answer to Talia Al Ghul.

The rape was actually a hallucination Frank was having, and Libby never even had sex with Frank at all to begin with.
  • This would explain why Frank avenges Boltie despite the apparent rape against him (Frank).

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