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Some connection between Spyro and Ripto
In the font used on the Japanese packaging of the first Spyro game, the handakuten (ring diacritic to make the P sound) is conjoined to the ha letter (ハ). This and other style choices make the katakana for "Su-pa-i-ro" (スパイロ) look vaguely like the Latin letters "R-IP-T-O". Anyone want to explore double meanings that this might imply?
  • Confirmed- The developers named the 2nd game's villain after seeing the Japanese logo of the first game and thinking it looked like "Ripto."

There was meant to be a Spring homeworld, but it was cut for time.
This one's pretty obvious. Why else would there be like twice as many levels in Autumn Plains? Autumn Plains would have had Zephyr, Breeze Builders, Skelos Badlands, Crystal Glacier, Metro Speedway, and the Gulp Bossfight, making it roughly equal in length to the other two homeworlds. Next, the Spring homeworld would have gotten Fracture Hills, Magma Cone, Scorch, Shady Oasis, and Icy Speedway. Since I've seen no evidence of a cut dinosaur-minion, I believe the Spring bossfight would've been a preliminary fight with Ripto. Then, when he was defeated, Spyro and co. would believe he was dead (It probably would've been more convincing for players who weren't fooled in the actual game, too), and then everything would proceed as normal from Winter Tundra. This would make a bit more sense than Ripto's throne randomly falling into a bottomless pit after the Gulp fight like in the actual game.

  • That would make some sense....except for the fact that Spring comes before Summer and thus would be the first homeworld. They probably just got rid of the Spring one because it would look too similar to Summer Forest.

Zoe the Fairy saved Ripto
One of the biggest headscratchers of the Spyro series is how, exactly, did Ripto survive his last battle with Spyro since we saw him crash and burn in a pool of lava ; and yet in spite of this, Ripto has gone off to make several reappearances in other titles in the Spyro series. Even in the original trilogy, the epilogues show that he had, indeed, survived the encounter. However, there was never any kind of explanation as to how he could have survived.

Now, as we may remember, in order to save your progress in the game, you need to get zapped by Zoe the Fairy... In the very first cutscene of the game, when we are first introduced to Ripto, Elora whispers something to the fairy, who then promptly flies up to Ripto and... Zaps him.

Which, after being defeated in Winter Tundra, Ripto reappears back at Glimmer... And then has the misfortune of bumping into one of Spyro's "friends" who had arrived in Summer Forest, according to the epilogue.

In any case, it would explain why Ripto was alive after the final battle with Spyro... Question is : Was it intentional?

Cloud Temple's Bell challenge was supposed to have a 2nd part.
After ringing the first two bells in Cloud Temple, listen to the wizard's voice when he mentions there being one bell left. It sounds very different than the other times you speak to him or the other wizards. Perhaps there was supposed to be a 2nd part to the challenge; after ringing the first two bells you get an orb like normal, only to be told there's one (or more) bell(s) left to ring or the developers felt it was somewhat pointless to reward you with another orb for ringing only one bell.

The change was made late and thus they had to record the line late in development hence why it sounds so different.


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