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Nightmare Fuel / Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

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Should've gotten that bigger boat.

  • The plants from Misty Bog in the first game get their expy in the ravenous Killer Bushes in Fracture Hills. They act mostly the same, but without the fangs. On the other hand, they look just like all the other bushes, which aren't alive, until Spyro approaches them. This way, their attacks are more startling, but not quite as scary. The Bee Trees do the same.
  • On the subject of enemies that eat you, the Robotic Sharks from Aquaria Towers are this. They're large, meaning you can't charge them, they're made of metal, meaning you can't torch them with your flame breath, and their bite actually counts as a One-Hit Kill regardless of whether or not Sparx is present. The only way to destroy them is if you activate the Superflame power-up in that level. If you don't, then any attempt to take them on will immediately result in Spyro sleeping with the fishes. And escaping isn't an option; they're hard-coded to chase you down if they see you, being capable of following you even if you jump out of the water. Oh, and you have to deal with them to get the treasures they're guarding. Have fun!
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  • The Hurricos world can be unsettling. It's a dark, stormy level with a mechanical atmosphere, gloomy ambient music and a side-mission involving thieves that may creep people out. Said side mission also announces the thieves' every appearance with a loud, blaring alarm.
  • The poor caveman shown during the intro in Skelos Badlands. He gets his ass set on fire by a Fire Wizard, then gets picked up by one of those catbats, and gets dropped down a bottomless pit. Worse yet, the Catbat LAUGHS.
    • There was one challenge in that level where you have to save the cavemen from Lava Lizards before they eat them. If you're not fast enough to save the caveman the lava lizard will catch the caveman, toss him in the air, and catch him in his mouth and swallow him whole. The more you save the caveman the faster the lizards are it's scary because of how fast those lizards were they get faster and faster every time you save the caveman and it's becomes scary and frustrating at the same time. It's one scary challenge you'll never forget imagine if they try to eat Spyro!
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  • The outro for Magma Cone. Four little fauns are dancing and partying near a pit of lava, when suddenly, one of the fauns shoots a rather mischievous look at the camera. Afterwards, he pushes one of his friends into the lava (seemingly to his death), then continues to dance and celebrate as if it never happened. The other two fauns don't even notice.
  • Ripto attempting to feed Zoe the fairy to Gulp. He even orders Gulp to beat Spyro under the promise that he can have all the fairies he can eat afterwards.

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