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Nomi is a Goddess
Specifically, she is Eris, the goddess of chaos and strife. She appears seemingly from nowhere, and everything she does seems to sow discord wherever she goes, yet everybody is drawn to her. It's as though she can magically cause people around her to act crazy. She exploits the people around her, yet brings them nothing but ruin, but nobody holds anything against her. Then at the end she is picked up by the same driver who brought her into town (probably Hermes), and goes off to sow chaos elsewhere.

This is a prequel/sister story to Total Recall
Is Nomi / "No Me" really the center of a story we are mean to take as real life, or was she implanted with this insane sex adventure? You have to admit some of the acting and women's reactions to sexual come-ons is directly out of the mutant bar "The Last Resort".

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