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If the Biolab ghosts were real people...
Well, couldn't really resist doing theories for a real life AU of Biolabs, so here is it? I imagined them all being people with problems who came to the game to find some comfort on it. They all own a small guild they formed between them so they could keep contact and have fun.
  • Howard works of a hardware store and he doesn't live with his parents because he has a bad relationship with them and they won't help him financially, thus is forced to work to pay off debts, food and the alike, though it seems his current job doesn't give him as much money as he would wish for. Because he doesn't have many friends in real life and doesn't hang out with anybody, he spends his free time playing RO so he can relieve the stress of his current life.
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  • Cecil is a girl that lives near to Seyren's home and knows him personally, she works part-time at a videogame store and lives with her grandmother and mother. Since she has always been an avid gamer, she was the one who convinced Seyren to join the game and they became closer due of that; she really likes him but she's way too shy to tell him, in addition of that, she became good friends with Margaretha and Kathryne in-game.
  • Kathryne has no close relatives and lives by herself, and like Howard, she doesn't have many friends in real life so she spends most of her time at home while reading a book or browsing the internet. She has severe depression and is really stressed due of her work schedule, which leaves her with little to no free time. But if she has free time, she may log in to play for a while. She became good friends with Margaretha, Cecil and the others when she started to open up to them.
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  • Seyren is a college student who happens to be Cecil's friend and lives near to her, and also is her classmate. Living only with his grandfather after his parents died, he started to play RO as proposed by Cecil and then became closer because of that. However, he started to like Margaretha when they met in-game, oblivious of Cecil's feelings for him.
  • Margaretha may be the daughter of a couple who has been divorced long ago. While her life for her online friends seems to be a mystery, she desires to keep up a happy personality in-game when being utterly depressed, for whatever reason, in real life.
  • Eremes is a troubled guy and maybe the youngest of them (considering that the others are in the university and he is about to graduate from high school) who has problems at school and at home with his mother. The only thing that makes him able to keep his mind off of his problems is RO.
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  • Celia seems to have the perfect life; she has money, goes to a private college and has high grades... but in reality, she's always breaking down due of the stress of needing to maintain the "perfect girl" image in front of the rest of the world, and her true desires lay on a more wild and exciting lifestyle away from her family. RO is the only place where she manages to be herself.
  • The 1st jobs are all range from junior high to high school students, the youngest of them all is Wickebine and Kavach is the oldest, though they only know each other via RO and Skype because they live too far away from each other.
    • Egnigem seems so far to have a stable family.

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