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  • Awesome Music: A lot of the songs, one of which being Monastery in Disguise
  • Broken Base: The Biolabs webtoon. Though arguably it's just based off of the lore loosely, you either will think it's a canon-breaking mess, enjoy it for seeing beloved characters with a voice or you just don't care, the latter which seems to be the posture most people have adopted. Particulary, Seyren seems to have been a massive point of debate, and Kathryne to a lesser extent.
    • To be fair, Japanese and Korean fandom have nothing against the adoption and the latter seems to love it. The only one who seems to be make this a Broken Base are the, no surprise, Western fandom mainly Tumblr and Twitter. It's self-explanatory at this point.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Among others, Mimics and Ridewords. Good luck to whoever likes grinding at the Clock Tower...
    • Eremes Guile, Cecil Damon, Chen, Flamel and Gertie of the Biolabs Ghosts.
  • Ear Worm: Dreamer's Dream. Especially the phase "Find a way to beat... the pressure!". You'll be hearing it a lot if you like to farming Mjolnir Dead Pit for Skeleton Worker Cards or/and Elven Ears.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Believe it or not, the Extended Classes. Especially Super Novice, Ninja, and Soul Linker.
    • The Pope of Rachel.
    • How about High Priestess Niren? Or Nemma and Panno? The Hentai doujinshi artists love them for a fairly obvious reason.
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    • From monsters' side, Biolabs mobs are surprisingly popular with newcomers and veterans alike. Though Eremes and Flamel stands out from the rest. Eremes' popularity seems to have led to his reappearance in LotS. Seyren's popularity seems to be skyrocketing really quickly as for late, though, specially after the revelations of Terra Gloria.
    • Comodo's Kafra. Y'know, the green-haired one with Stripperiffic outfit.
    • Shai. Being an Assassin Cross who is skilled on cooking and wearing an apron do help his popularity.
    • The amount of Khalitzburg fanarts skyrocketed after it's revealed that she was a girl.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Biolabs 2: Egnigem/Laurell, Wickebine/Erende, Erende/Egnigem and Armeyer/Kavach for straight couples. Egnigem/Wickebine and Laurell/Kavach for Ho Yay couples. Erende/Laurell also has a quite significant support due to their matching cards’ artwork.
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    • Biolabs 3: Only Howard/Cecil seems to be most agreed on; the other four are often mix-and-matched, although Eremes/Kathryne and Seyren/Margaretha have a relatively strong support. For Ho Yay, Eremes/Howard is the most popular alongside Margaretha/Cecil.
    • Stupid shippers, Kathryne/Lollipops is OTP!
    • Biolabs 4: Straight pairings are Chen/Celia, Alphoccio/Trentini, and Flamel/Gertie are the default ones. Randel/Celia and Randel/Gertie are often seen just because poor Randel is ignored by majority of fandom. Alternatively, Alphoccio/Gertie and Flamel/Celia for those who like BDSM. Chen/Trentini is just because all official arts released so far always paired them together. Ho Yay pairings are Flamel/Chen, Randel/Flamel and Alphoccio/Flamel. Gertie/Trentini often have a relationship akin of Haruhi and Mikuru.
    • Seyren/Egnigem/Randel: Other than being Swordsman-derived, they have lots of potential just because they’re closely tied to Megginjard’s Seal Quest.
    • Also, Egnigem/Doppelganger. They even appear together on one of the floors in the Endless Tower.
  • Fanon: The Biolabs mobs, especially the ones from floor 3, receive this because of their popularity amongst the fandom.
  • First Installment Wins: There's a Ragnarok Online 2, believe it or not.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why do Super Novices have a High Wizard skill? The description of the Hypnotist Staff explains it all.
    "A staff that hypnotizes the Novice and makes him feel like he is a great Wizard."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment:
    • Ninja players are often comparing Killing Stroke to the Shura's Guillotine Fist. Guess which class is facing Kagerou and Oboro in their promotional video?
    • Not few people joke that Ninja’s second class would be Samurai. When their final design was revealed, people commented that they looked like Samurai.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Asura Strike/Guillotine Fist. A One-Hit Kill move.
    • An unimplemented performance skill 'Ragnarok', for use by a Bard and Dancer in combination, was locked away after initial testing when it proved to not only be a gamebreaker but a terrible means of harassing other players. Once active, it paralysed its casters and for its duration and repeatedly cast random, maximum class/level spells over and over on the surrounding area with no distinction between friend or foe. The skill is still locked away, as the developers still haven't found a way to balance it without rendering it redundant.
    • Maestros and Wanderers, their 3rd Job counterparts, have a skill called "Saturday Night Fever" (no, I'm not joking). See for yourself. It deals 9999 damage and gives +500 ATK to anyone who is inside the skill's area of effect. Ouch.
    • Donation items in private servers also have a tendency to be game breakers.
    • Some private servers allow Rangers to have a Warg AND a Falcon at the same time.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • French gamers really like this game. When the official French server opened and Gravity threatenend to sue private servers' owners, almost 1000 servers were closed.
    • This popularized MMORPGs in the Philippines, to the point where you can expect most private server players to be Filipino. The same case also happens with Indonesia.
    • Japan LOVES this game, to the point where you can expect most of fan-creations are created by Japanese.
  • Goddamned Bats: A lot of the ranged enemies fall under this. Some even skip past this and become Demonic Spiders.
    • For a lot of mid-level characters, Familiars and Drainliars are Exactly What It Says on the Tin for this trope, due to being in a lot of dungeons where they're outclassed by the players and other monsters, taking just long enough to kill to be annoying, doggedly following the player at a fairly hard-to-escape speed, and inflicting blind status with their attacks. Oh, and due to how the evasion mechanics work, they also tend to swarm you right when you're fighting something threatening, thus making your dodge rating plummet to the ground faster than a lead weight. They may have been changed to Passive now, and if they have thank goodness for that.
    • Worse still, the MVP monster Dracula will summon tons of bats as its minions. When other MVP's only summon a (usually) manageable number of minions, Dracula will summon sixteen. And if you kill all of them (which is VERY easy), he'll just instantly summon another batch.
  • Ho Yay: Even this game isn't safe from this. Aside from [your character here]/[your friend's character here] pairings, some NPCs behave this way to your character or to each other. The worst offender seems to be Maku and Digotz from Friendship Quest.
    • Du Lian and Mark Esha
    • Kidd and Shay is pretty popular in Japan
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Thousands or sometimes half of the entire population only comes for War of Emperium period and PVP sessions.
  • Loot Drama: Loot and EXP are divided across party members in proportion to the total damage each character has done to the monster in question. Fortunately damage dealers tend to be polite enough to divide the plunder (EXP can be set to be equally distributed all party members are of a similar level). Gets a little more serious after War of Emperium: the prize a guild earns for conquering (and maintaining) a castle is access to their treasure room, which has treasure chests with rare drops that refill daily. Only the guild leader gets to enter.
  • Memetic Badass: Haha, Troy wins again!
  • Memetic Mutation: HEAL PLZ, HEAL PLZ!
    • And to (an admittedly lesser extent), /sit - and a few of the other text commands for emotes.
    • We can't forget the infamous "WARP TO GLAST HEIM!", either.
    • The continuous buffs to Suras (Monks' third class), how powerful they are, and nerfs to other classes in Renewal bring us this golden: "Everything is indirect buffs to Sura".
    • MOSCOVIA CARDS WHEN, or anything similar (originated from the lack of cards of Moscovia monsters, which for some reason took MANY years to be implemented, to the point where even newer areas actually got their cards before Moscovia).
    • "ASA"note  from Philippine servers when a player gets loot priority, grants MVP title, or won over the player in PVP and WOE. Its popularity in earlier days becomes Ascended Meme in Filipino dub of the anime adaptation.
  • Memetic Molester: Howard and Gertie seem to be getting this personalisation from the fandom a lot.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The sounds Muka make in the game get on your nerves fairly quickly.
    • Baby Desert Wolves, no matter how cute, become incredibly annoying with their incessant yelping.
    • Muscipular always have a crunching, cracking sound around them. Constantly.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The trumpet fanfare that plays when you gain a base level.
    • The ambience of low-level maps with Porings and other cute creatures roaming around.
    • The cracking effects of critical hits. Crit-build jobs takes upto 11.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The backstory for Nameless Island. And the explanation on the wiki about the monsters' origins.
    • The Injustice monster. 'Nuff said.
    • The Glast Heim Underprison altogether. You can trace how the prisoners were tortured back in this dungeon's heyday if you look closely at the place. There are guillotines, chairs with shackles, chains on every wall, cages, pools of water, and red-hot pokers. The skeletons are still there, some of them still in the cages or with their ball and chains on. There are also blood splatters on the ground. Now, look at the zombie prisoners, the skeleton prisoners, and of course, the Injustice monster.
    • Niflheim. That's right, the land of the dead.
    • Also, Biolabs. This one may be a bit subtle...however, the more time you spend there, the more you begin to think about the...things that supposedly happened there, the creepier it gets. Biochemical laboratory with ghost-like shadowy figures walking around and attacking everything. Naturally It gets worse: All of them are high-(level)class character-avatars (It's even possible to create lookalike characters)with a back-story, all of them being described as good people, especially the priestess who was willing to sacrifice her own life for her team.
      • It's much worse if you do the quest(s) related to Biolabs. First, you're required to have a pair of handcuffs with you at all times while doing this quest, which causes you to think, what's a monster like that doing with handcuffs anyway. Then, at one part of the quest, you come inside a room with a caged Peco Peco...who can barely talk. Aside from that, you'll eventually learn that people from the slums of Lighthalzen have been slowly disappearing after they supposedly got a job from Rekenber, the owner of the Biolabs. Put them all together and you can suspect that everyone in the Biolabs are the results of an illegal human experimentation.
      • Speaking of Biolabs, Margaretha Sorin may be the biggest proof of what's going on on Lighthalzen; if you did the Redemptio quest (a skill quest from the Priest class) a NPC tells you that she was send away to Lighthalzen to investigate something (though the jRO lore states that she was sent as a missionary) and then, she went missing, and apparently she has been missing for years. The MVP High Priestess could be her (the original Margaretha), but the real question is; if the MV Ps are supposed to be the original ones, then where did the clones came from? The multiple theories can be quite disturbing.
      • More of Fridge Horror, but keep in mind that 1st job ghosts are implied to be teenagers at best. With that in mind, think about this Rekenber was willing to kidnap young teens just to use them as test sujects. Let's not talk about the... possible experiments they were subjected to before dying.
    • Speaking of quests, there are others that are also truly horrifying if you pay attention to what the NPCs are saying.
    • One of the Incarnations of Morroc is a crab-walking, eyeless, bloody woman whose arms seem to be on backwards. Discuss.
    • Oh and when the Incarnation is killed it sounds like a rope tightening, aka a noose. Pretty unsettling.
    • Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies. This is his sprite. You're welcome.
    • The explanation for Rachel Sanctuary, if you do the quest. Hints of people corrupted by a cultlike religion and the pope of the place being completely unaware of what's going on...
    • Speaking of Rachel Sanctuary, upon death the Isilla mob outright sounds like a woman sobbing, and then laughing maniacally, with the sound fading away. Really unsettling.
    • Amdarais.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The story behind what started the Two Tribes quest in the New World is one. A fairy asks you to find his friend, who has gone missing. Your search leads you to a possible fight between her and a member of a race of giants her race has been fighting for years. When you reach the giants' village, you discover a giant has gone missing and the giants think that the fairy, who made her way to their village badly injured, is there to steal their sustenance. It turns out that the giant and fairy did meet and fight, but accidentally fell into a cave and were attacked by monsters. The giant was badly injured in protecting the fairy, who in turn tried to run to his village to get help. By the time you get back to the giant, he's beyond saving. Never mind their war - they put aside their differences for each other's safety, one of them giving his life and the other risking hers. The giant's friend's devastation at the end doesn't soften the blow.
    • The Friendship quest, where you spend most of it passing messages between two young men divided by wealth status and discrimination who think the other is avoiding him because they're too poor/rich. At the end, when it looks like they're going to meet and make up, one of them gets stabbed. He doesn't make it. His friend doesn't know because you can't bring yourself to tell him. That's how it ends.
    • The ending of Terra Gloria, based of what has been revealed, is brutal. Oh, poor Seyren...
  • That One Boss: Kiehl, at the end of the Kiel Hyre quest. He's an extremely powerful enemy compared to what you've had to deal with during the quest. Granted he IS the boss, but he also has extremely high flee and hit, meaning that he is very difficult, in fact nearly impossible without some very difficult-to-get gear, to dodge with agility classes, and difficult to hit without using a ranged class (all of which generally use Dexterity for their damage, which increases hit rate as well), critical hits, or magic. He's also pretty damn fast and hits like a truck. You had better have a good party to face him, or you will get splattered. He reappears as Kiel-D-01, even stronger than before, though that can be excused as that version is a roaming MVP boss, and as a result never has to be faced for any quest, and can be ignored altogether. At least you get an exceedingly rare and valuable item for defeating Kiehl.
  • That One Sidequest: Veins Siblings quests. Good luck gathering the poos and going to Thor's Volcano three times.
    • The Sign, for its sheer length and Dancing Test part.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Eremes and Seyren got their race changed from Demi-Human to Demon. Cue crying Assassins who grind in the labs by spamming Grimtooth.
    • Howard’s element was changed from Earth to Water. Wizards who rely on Storm Gust need to think twice now.
    • Renewal pushed everyone to insanely high levels (around 120-150 for normals, and 160 for MVPs) with low amounts of EXP per kill. Although 2nd floor’s changes are acceptable, the 3rd floor’s changes received major backlash. Never mind that most people who complained about it were people who were spoiled by other dungeons’ easiness.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The Byalan Island Dungeon includes the ruins of an underwater kingdom on it's 4th and final floor. It's never really explained about it, there's no mythology to explain it, or quest to explore it, it's just there and the very description is just given as "mysterious underwater kingdom". Some felt like there was a story to explore there that never was.
  • The Woobie:
    • The Biolab ghosts tend to be regarded as this by the fandom, due to the horrifying and depressing implications of their origins, going by the Cursed Spirits Quest, and probably a huge factor of why they're so popular.
      • As for the Terra Gloria episode, Seyren Windsor in particular is ascending quickly into this, for a very good reason.

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