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The game contains an Author Avatar: the Judge.
He's the narrator (including for the credits in the Good ending), he judges people (harshly), he's voiced by Yahtzee, and the music for his third form contains shades of the Zero Punctuation theme. This would make the events after his death a massive act of Self-Deprecation, albeit one fitting Yahtzee's reputation.

Derek has actually done evil before in his life
Its just that it didn't matter.

the Judge presents himself as the literal god of the dead and judging from the way he punishes Rebecca he has as good a claim as any. When he judges Derek's sins he only brings up things done in the caverns (or very near to them). the simple answer is that The Judge only concerns himself with major sins like Rebecca inadvertently starting a war and Derek getting trigger happy with his shotgun is the only thing that caught his attention


The more tinfoil lined explanation is that The Judge can only get a good read on the souls of the dead and other spiritual beings and so could only dredge up the most recent of atrocities due to all those precious memories still being tied to fatty meats and neuro-chemicals.


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