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Their reason for crossdressing
the 4 maid brothers were abused and bullied because because they looks like a girl, and also weak and docile, unlike their male peers. And made crossdressing to express themselves and attempt to avoid bullying. Some of their traits also had something to do with the bullying they experienced:
  • Nao: Being the oldest makes everyone expect him to always be perfect and become a moral compass for his younger siblings. However, because he was weak, He was often taken for granted and was the main target of bullying.
  • Yuki: Since childhood he always defended his brothers when they were bullied, even though he was always the one who lost to the bullies. The main reason why he doesn't want to crossdressing at the first time is because he worries that his siblings will be more bullied if they decide to crossdressing. He tries to look manly, but always fails in doing so because he is too pretty.
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  • Tomo: Because of his interest in women's clothing, sewing and cooking he was often bullied and teased. But he doesn't really care about this, in contrast to his siblings.
  • Rio: Being the youngest made him the most affected by the bullying. his admiration for his brother Nao because he always stood up for his brothers when they were bullied.
Their eye & hair color isn't natural
Take a look at the picture on the main page. There was no way that was natural, considering the four of them were related by blood. Is possible that they dyed their hair / wore a wig. And about their eye color, which is also different, maybe it's contact lenses.