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Near is accelerator from A Certain Magical Index
They are both albinos, and their clothing style matches. Remember in season 2 how Accelerator deduced the location of Last Order. Also, his brain has immense calculating powers (before he took the bullet), and he can do complex calculations in milliseconds. And remember how in Death Note for Near there are scenes where buildings start to circle around him? Those were not just random graphic depictions,that was vector manipulation!

Near is an intelligent robot
He doesn't appear to age, unlike Mello; and he survived. The Death Note Mikami used was real, but the Death Note can't kill robots. It didn't work on anybody else because...either they're robots too, Mikami is a horrible speller, or, ummmm...they're all robots.
  • Besides there being no evidence that Mikami's notebook was anything but fake, as Near said it was, if the Death Note doesn't work on robots, it's highly unlikely that the Shinigami Eyes would, either.
  • As mentioned above, Mikami had the Shinigami Eyes. There's almost no way he could have spelled it wrong.

Near is autistic
He's an eighteen-year-old genius who spends most of his time sitting around playing with toys and refuses to get on a plane on his own.
  • A brother of my best friend is autistic, so I did get an impression of the behaviour of persons with autism: And after Near`s very first appearances in the manga, it was practically canon for me, that he was a person who experiences autism. Especially in the scene when he and Mello learn about L`s death and Mello gets freaked out completely, while Near doesn't even seem interested in the conversation and keeps solving a puzzle. Also I recall one scene, in which he builds a perfect model of a city out of dices (if I remember rightly, it was San Francisco). These passages seem to imply that he is indeed an autistic savant. However: In my opinion, most of the time, he doesn't act like an autistic person would and has abilities such a person wouldn't have. (e.g. he seems able to interpret facial expressions). So my guesses are: a) I`m mistaken, because said brother suffers from a very severe form of autism, while Near might be implied to suffer from a less severe one. b) Ohba-san did not have the chance to get in touch with autistic persons and/or portraying him as a person with autism was getting too complicated/in way of telling the story

In the anime, Near didn't write the 'Dear Mello'
In the manga, Mello shows surprise when he sees it. In the anime, however, he gives no reaction, which, given that this Mello, I find it hard to believe he wouldn't react to the person he despises writing something like that. Given that Near is never seen writing anything, his handwriting can't compared to that of the Dear Mello. My guess is that someone in the past or Mello himself wrote that for some reason and he was checking to make sure it was there.

For the record, I happen to strongly believe Near is in love with Mello, but the above WMG has nothing with any sort of shipping be it for or against N/M.

Near is a savant.
Similar to the idea of L having Asperger's mentioned above, Near's phenomenally high intelligence, seeming inability to take care of himself (How To Read ranks his "ability to live everyday life" as almost zero, and refers to Lester as his guardian) and odd, almost obsessive habits suggest that he might have a form of Savant Syndrome similar to that of the Rain Man.
  • Just something to keep in mind about autism/savant theories: Not every socially inept person is autistic, and not every autistic person is a genius savant.

Near is the result of an experiment similar to the one described in Ender's Shadow, the companion novel to Ender's Game.
This experminet:-Increases intelligence to amazing levels.-Slows down physical growth.-Decreases lifespan. (Near's lifespan was pretty short compared to the others when we saw it.)Is anyone else noticing similarities here?

Near knew Ratt was Mello's spy, and gave him the alias 'Ratt' to warn him he knew.
Though, I admit Near lacks that kind of subtly.

Taking Matsuda's Theory a step further, Near didn't just control Mikami with the Notebook but Light as well to ensure a confession and make him look That's why he didn't bother chasing after him.
  • Wow, that is as plasiable of a theory than Matsuda!
    • It would explain the Third Act Stupidity...
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    • Matsuda was right about Near controlling Mikami. However, what he didn't realize was that Near was also controlling Light's actions. In the Death Note, he wrote something along the lines of: "Light Yagami, heart attack, announces that his victory seconds before it is revealed that the notebook used by his subordinate is a fake, goes insane and explains his motives, attempts to write his enemy's name on a scrap of the notebook but is shot at by a member of the Japanese police, dies at 1:15 on January 28"
    • This explains why Light, who never loses his cool, suddenly goes insane and admits everything. It would be very important for Near to have a confession. Near's morals are questionable enough that he might control Light in order to win the case. He cares a lot for his own safety and he would want to ensure that he wasn't killed before Kira could be brought to justice. Near knows when Light is writing his name on a scrap of the notebook, despite that he isn't really even looking in that direction, and Light is good enough with that scrap in his watch that L didn't even notice when he was using it during the Yotsuba arc. Near would want to prove that Light is Kira, while proving to everyone that Kira is evil, and he might not see any other way to do it, as Light is devilishly clever and wouldn't make mistakes like that on his own. As for Ryuk writing Light's name, that was just because he had promised that he would do so. He saw that Light had only 40 seconds to live and wrote his name down. After all, it's kind of surprising that Ryuk wouldn't help Light and kill everyone. He seems to think Light is interesting and he no doubt knows that if Near wins he will destroy the notebooks and Ryuk will have to return to the Shinigami realm, which he hates. Unless Light's death was a foregone conclusion, it would make much more sense for him to help Light. He may not be on Light's side, but he is selfish and would want to stay on Earth, since he finds it interesting.
    • Light is a sociopath who was bottling up his real self behind a facade for years. His mental state literally drops from its highest, most triumphant point to its lowest, most horrified point, realizing that he's lost. It's not the first time that Light has had such outbursts of insanity, either.

Near becomes the next Kira.
He used the notebook on Light and Mikami. He burned a fake. He kept the REAL notebook and he made a deal with Ryuk to stay out of sight until the time is right. He waits until legions of followers are crying for Kira's return. He gets rid of everyone who remembers the first case and then when there is no one left to stop him...
  • And then...he uses the Death Note to do what? Maybe kill a few people that he wants dead, but Near made his disgust for humans believing themselves to be divine clear.

Near's final plan really was just a set up
Oh sure, he found out about the notebook that Mikami was hiding and came up with the story about faking that one too... but that story was fake. In reality, Near was shocked by Gevanni's discovery and decided that his initial plan was too risky, as that notebook could have also been a fake. Therefore, he came up with a new one. He had his anti-Kira grunts hide near the Yellow Box warehouse once the task force members entered, then when Mikami came, they grabbed him and tied him up inside another warehouse. They then had one of the anti-Kira grunts who looked very similar to Mikami and also had lots of make-up to make it more convincing enter the warehouse with a fake notebook and act out his whole part. The "you're not God!!" part was either Near or the actor milking it. But then, how did the actor see everyone's names? Because he was really greedy and took the real notebook from the SPK's HQ and replaced it with a fake and hid the real notebook on himself. He then shot Mikami after he was captured. Ryuk, with the great hearing he said he had in volume 9, was able to hear the gunshot all the way over in the Yellow Box warehouse and left to go investigate during the 30 minutes of waiting. The task force members had their backs turned so they didn't notice. The SPK did but they didn't say anything, so as to not alert Light. The actor then made the shinigami eye deal with Ryuk, having already shot all of his associates inside the second warehouse. All of the actor's inner thoughts, such as 'God!' were in fact referring to Near, since he knew that Near had won by using such an underhanded plan, which he greatly respected. His thoughts about Light not being able to move freely were just him trying to understand Mikami's actions. So Light was right, it was all a set up but he blew it by declaring his victory. Near burned a fake notebook when he burned the one he hid in his clothes, planning to use the one at HQ as a contingency against other Kiras that could pop up but he remained unaware that the real notebook was with the actor playing Mikami all along, who decided to keep a low profile and just killed a few people now and then for personal benefit.

Near is the Avatar.
No wild mass guessing here, I have proof. You can actually see him enter the Avatar state. Watch here:

Near isn't Albino
This may be any anime only thing, but Near could actually be a platinum blond. His hair just appears white in certain scenes due to the lighting.

Mello's death caused Near to care.
From when he was introduced, Near was shown as cold and not caring much about justice thus it seems unusual for him to be the type to deliver the kind of "Reason You Suck" Speech that Light received. Even though they didn't really get along, Near did know Mello for a long time and was a worthy rival to him. That may have caused Near to care about him to an extent and be affected by his death even if he didn't show it.

Near was faking his emotionless state the whole time.
He simply liked messing with people, and found out young that acting like an emotionless jerk worked best.

The reason Near looks so young.... because shortly after finding out L was dead, he somehow ended up time traveling with The Doctor, and after a few adventures, The Doctor brought Near back. Four years too late. Instead of having the Doctor bring him back to the proper time, Near decided that the situation wasn't bad at all, and started his investigation from there. So while he tells everyone he's seventeen/eighteen, he really is only thirteen.

Near is L's little brother.
Both of them have a similar disheveled appearance, seem to have an Ambiguous Disorder and odd mannerisms, and were raised as child prodigies.
  • So going by this, L's full name is Lawliet River?

Near is a eunuch.
Think about it. He's 18, but still looks and sounds like a child. Also, it would make sense if he's to be kept in the same role L was; getting involved sexually or romantically with someone could cause...problems. So perhaps he was castrated at an early age to prevent those problems and distractions, like as an experiment (and we know that Wammy's House experimented on its would-be L-successors. (Perhaps Matt and Mello managed to escape this because they were in a "control group" of intact boys, or were deemed "too old" for castration to be effective.)

Near and Mello are not real
You most likely know that Light is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING CRAZY. As such, it's quite possible that he could hallucinate. So Mello and Near might not even be living, breathing people: they're make-believe people Light hallucinated.

However, this brings the question: Why would he hallucinate two detectives trying to catch Kira? Answer: Because he wanted an enemy to fight.

  • Even if that was the case, Mello and Near just being figments of Light's imagination means that he literally went to Yellow Box Warehouse, telling the Task Force to follow him, with no obvious reason whatsoever for doing so. They most certainly would have questioned his actions. Not only that, but he also mentions Mello and Near several times to them, and they mention them several times to him. No one shows a hint of confusion that would probably follow if Light started talking about two supposedly imaginary people.


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