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The bizzare grasp of Irish geography shown by the film is intentional.

Anna, while likable, doesn't come across as the brightest bulb and the sailors she hires to transport from Wales to Ireland deliberately drop her off in Dingle so they can fleece her for the cash. This would also explain why she was initially looking to be dropped off in Cork - Anna probably innocently mentioned as the only other Irish place she could name and the sailors, realising her cluelessness, didn't bother to correct her 'knowledge' of Irish geography.

  • Best trolls ever or best trolls ever?
    • Except Cardiff is closer to Dublin than Dingle. Cardiff to Dublin by boat would be roughly 300 miles. Cardiff to Dingle is around 450 miles. If they really wanted to fleece her they should have dropped her off at Wexford which is about 185 miles. Dingle is on the Atlantic Coast which is far more dangerous than the Irish Sea. It makes no sense for them to not drop her off at Dublin, followed by Wexford (if they want to rip her off) or Cork itself. Going to Dingle because of the weather makes no sense. If they can't make Cork, then Dingle would be a worse choice. As for her decision to catch a boat.. her best choice would be instead of that, she should have caught a train to Liverpool in England then a ferry direct to Dublin.
    • Dropping Anna off at Wexford is fine if they were paid a flat fee, but if they are milking her for pay by the hour Dingle makes a lot of sense.


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