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Matching characters to their Carroll counterparts
  • Myoe 1/Inari: Lewis Carroll, the author of the story.
  • Koto the black rabbit: The tardy white rabbit, the impetus for discovering Wonderland. (I'm guessing the actual white rabbit in Kyousogiga, the man in the white rabbit mascot mask, is the March Hare.)
  • Their three children: The three sisters from "All in the Golden Afternoon", the prelude to Alice in Wonderland.
    • Kurama: the first child, Prima, who lords over everyone and wants a story to be told.
    • Yae: The second child, Secunda, who wants the story to be full of whimsy and nonsense.
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    • Yakushimaru/Myoe 2: The third child, Tertia, who has a bad habit of interrupting the story.
  • Koto the Shrine agent: Alice, the outsider in a strange world. Her relationship with Inari adds elements of Alice Liddell.
  • Ah and Un: I have yet to read Through the Looking-Glass. For now I'll go with the obvious conclusion that they're Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but I can't examine any of the nuances.


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