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The whole move is a dying dream.
Our hero uploaded more than his brain could handle and promptly died on the spot.

Johnny's ladyfriend really did leave to get some ice.
The hotel was horrible, and they couldn't have it brought to them by room service.
  • She could've also been the 10,000 $-hooker he screamed for in the famous (or infamous) rant. Her announcing that she was getting ice could thus be a diplomatic way to depart without dealing with any weirdness with her client.

Takahashi's daughter was a juvenile spy.
The only explicit detail we ever learn about her death is that she died "to protect PharmaKom's profit margins", therefore, we can determine from this that she could have played a role in leaking the cure to the corporate "defectors" who got the data to Johnny. Takahashi's daughter was spotted by her enemies during her secret mission and wound up killed.
  • I thought it pretty obvious that she died of NAS, which Pharmakom was suppressing the cure to.
    • The computer AI informs Takahashi that PharmaKom "let [his] daughter die", but that's because they refused to give her food and water while in captivity after her failed mission.

The Pharmakom building was set on fire by the Pharmakom employees themselves
Since, according to Spider, half of the human race is suffering from NAS, there's a good chance, that there are tons of people in Pharmakom like Takahashi in the Yakuza, who's child/friend/lover/spouse/relative/SO died because of Pharmakom bein punk-asses. Se when they hear the transmission of the NAS cure, they start to think: "FUCK, my child/friend/lover/spouse/relative/SO died, even when they had the cure! I'm gonna make them PAY!" and started to stir up shit.

How the plot can be repaired
NAS is actually a bioweapon. The data on the cure also contains the data on how to make it in the first place. This is why only certain people can be trusted with the data, and the original was destroyed.
  • If it was engineered as such, why would the PharmaKom corporation make it fatal so it would actively kill off their potential drug customers?
  • If the bad guys went through all that trouble and unleashed the virus on an unsuspecting global populace, why wouldn't they have marketed the cure to deliberately shore up business for themselves, anyway? Why would PharmaKom still hide the cure from their ranking executives, like Takahashi, so they couldn't protect themselves and their own families from the plague they deliberately unleashed on the rest of the world?
Johnny actually did inherit a ton of cash from his mom, and also makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per run. This is how he got his current implant and memory doubler, and why Spider notes that his cyberware is really upscale. This is also how Johnny can afford room service, $10000-per-night hookers, and hotels like the Imperial in Tokyo. However, the procedure that he needs to get his memories back will cost billions of dollars.
  • Ralfi explicitly mentions the fee for removing Johnny's implant is $1.5 million, after inflating from $800K, well short of over a billion dollars.
  • This also wouldn't explain why Johnny would have had his implant installed and wound up in this line of work, if he were already living comfortably on a large inheritance beforehand and would have already had more than enough money for the $1.5 million removal fee in Chiba City.
When Johnny got his implant, his mom AI detected this, and copied his childhood memories to a safe place. She also put in him a directive to make him want to get his memories back.
  • Since PharmaKom is only established as a drug company and isn't understood to be in the business of cybernetic implant procedures (let alone, implicitly illegal ones that require Johnny's implant to be disguised as a prosthesis for treating dyslexia), how would the AI (established as PharmaKom property kept on their own computer network) have been able to find out where had actually gone to get this procedure done and track down his childhood memories in order to move them to a PharmaKom computer databank?
Johnny's mother AI was also the one who arranged the final job, and she put Johnny's lost memories into the data about NAS.
  • Which wouldn't explain how the memories would selectively remain in Johnny's head while everything else in the implant is broadcast around the world by the LoTeks.
  • Raises additional questions as to why the AI couldn't have helped to cover up the initial theft or prevented the very corporation she created (and still consults, we are told) from sending the Yakuza to kill the corporate traitors and hunt down Johnny.

Johnny didn't get his memories back
The Pharmakom AI looked into the personal history and motivations of Johnny when he took the job, and crafted a false set of childhood memories to be used as the reward for delivering the data.
  • The AI was already dead ("burned out of the [computer] mainframe") before Johnny delivered the data, and the closest (only) connection this character has to Johnny's brain is a .jpeg image file of her likeness.
  • Then why wouldn't anyone getting the data to Johnny explicitly promise him this as payment in the first place, instead of wiring large sums of cash to Johnny's Swiss bank account?

There is junk data in the research data - the memories Johnny gave up
His mother uploaded her brain into the mainframe. Johnny gave up his memories in order to work as a data courier, with his boss keeping the originals. Anna stole a copy of the data and mixed it with the part of her own memories and the research data. That way, when Johnny completed the job his memories were returned, freeing him of his job even when he didn't get the surgery to remove the silicone performed.
  • If the Artificial Intelligence orchestrated all of this and is said to still consult with PharmaKom's executive board in her virtual computer form, why wouldn't she have done anything to cover up the theft itself and prevent the corporation from sending Yakuza death squads after Johnny?
  • Why wouldn't the corporate defectors that the AI presumably helped steal the data tell Johnny that he was purposefully hired by them so they can give Johnny exactly what he seeks, if he moves their data to Newark and not have to bother paying him with any cash (which they could have presumably used to afford even greater personal security)?

NAS is the only disease infecting humans and most house pets on Earth in 2021
"Treating the disease is more profitable than curing it" because NAS is, literally, THE only known disease remaining in the world that can infect people after Nobel Prize-winning scientists already cured everything else, including the common cold and cancer, making NAS drugs the one remaining industry for global pharmaceutical corporations. Without public demand for NAS drugs, PharmaKom have absolutely no other business in the field of medicine.

Johnny's Backstory
He became a data courier after a falling out with his mother, she didn't approve of his spending his allowance on $10,000 hookers. After she diedPharmaKom's lawyers took advantage of his implant-derived amnesia to seize all her assets.

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