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Inglip is Lord English
  • Has anyone noticed that "Lord Inglip" sounds rather like "Lord English"?
    • Yes, but that might be a reference to his former incarnation as Henry VI.

Inglip is clairvoyant and a fan of The Colbert Report
  • It's the only explanation for his provision of moral and financial support for Stephen Colbert via Colbert SuperPAC months before his running for president in the Republican primary!

Oxallo doesn't exist. He's an imagination of Prodlly.
- Oxallo began as a joke by Prodlly which wasn't even canon.- Oxallo died in the Great War of Trathira, but that didn't have an effect on Prodllys trolling powers.- Oxallo came back with a new captcha, but claimed to be Cary Grant.- Prodlly rarely hears to what Oxallo is saying, and doesn't risk a smiting. (Try that on Inglip).- Consequently, a valid explanation of this all would be that Prodlly is as mad as, say, the Joker or Deadpool and just hallucinates Oxallo.

Inglip is Henry VI
having been
Touched by Vorlons.

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