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Waingel's Bank and Dentley and Soper's are secretly connected.
The staff of both organizations (Stash & Clive; Miss Luckmoore et al) are given to elaborate speech patterns, both preoccupied with clothing and dressing up (Stash & Clive seem to really really want to role-play with costumes), both seem to enjoy the powers of hypnosis (the department store puts it in their commercials; Stash & Clive hold hands and close their eyes during Reg's trance-like Techno Babble). Both companies' staff members are significantly more unusual than the people of the surrounding world.
  • The poster in Stash & Clive's office preaches the "Waingel's Wavelength," and the two talk about the concept like as a cult would describe one of their principles. The idea of a cult is also suggested during the scene where the Dentley and Soper's staff engage in an unusual sexual activity which could be interpreted as some kind of ritual under the circumstances.

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