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[[folder: spoiler: All myth is true the series.]]

  • In fact, there are many allusions manga,comics,video games in this world. But we know that the dimensional portals exist and Cernunnos changed his shape for harley quinn, chopper and many. So this world is a big focus point of this myths.

[[folder: Chance, Xing Mao and Ombre represents each tropes from comics'different form.]]

  • For Chance: Manga predominance. In fact, she has an ambigously morality and values from shonen jump, is a genki girl and has the same fanservice's treatment (lolicon type). She has features from comics like the fact that sha has the same Raven's background and Franco Belge comics like the woman treatment (innoncent like a child and adorable sexy).
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  • For Xing Mao: Franco Belge comics predominance. She looks like Yoko Tsuno but mixes with Yamaguchi Kumiko and has female super heroes comics features like sexy outfit, big boobs, nice ass, etc. The personnality mixes the three comics form like smart, cute, awkward, hair trigger (tsundere type)and[[ spoiler: ambisgously bi]].
  • For Ombre: Comics predominance. He is a mix beetween DC and Marvel heroes (like the soldier past, adorkable and nice personnality, super strength, etc). He possesses features from manga like hot blood, hunk body like guts and franco belge comics like cartoon and simple personnality like Obelix, Achille Talon, ect.

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