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The "the world ended" message is not just a gameplay mechanic.
As part of the game's anti-grinding philosophy, if the game reaches 200 million turns (about 1,000 times longer than it should take to beat the game, even if you're moving extremely slow) then the game ends with the message that the world ended while you were standing around. Some fans of the game did the math and discovered the following:

"<ontoclasm> a meat ration is 5000 nutrition, which is 1666 turns of sitting doing nothing. so if we assume the average guy would eat three of those a day while being semi-active, that puts a day at around 3600 turns... so that means the world ends 55555.5 days after you enter the dungeon <ontoclasm> which is about 152 years"

Officially, it's just a gameplay mechanic, but let's think about this. The gods of the Dungeon Crawl world are very active within the dungeon and we have no reason to believe their influence doesn't spread to the world outside the dungeon too. Additionally, most of the gods are extremely bloodthirsty. Even playing as a follower of Elyvilon, the supposedly pacifist god of healing, your game will play out basically the same way it would under a god like Mahkleb the demon god of destruction, with you slaughtering every living thing and destroying every non-living thing you come across. That sounds like a recipe for a Crapsack World to me!


This is why leaving the dungeon without the Orb is considered a loss even though you survived. The constant wars between the gods are going to rip the entire universe apart in just over a century and a half and the Orb of Zot is the only way to stop it.

Beogh killed the surface dwarves
Previously Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves were playable species. Beogh has hill orcs in addition to cave orcs. He has many followers slaying to prove themselves, seeking to become messiahs. The dwarves lacked said advantage of having a god devoted to them.Now only deep dwarves remain.


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