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Dash is Gilda's Closet Key but doesn't share her feelings or orientation.
  • While Dashie used Pokey as The Beard, it's perfectly possible the Gilda is using Billy the same way: Gilda is never show to be upset by rumors that her and Dash are lovers, tries to open up to Dash emotionally and gets stopped by Dash because it made Dash "feel weird", starts a fight with Dash (by leaving love-letters on her locker) because she needs to know how far she can push Dash before getting a reaction, is hostile to Dash re-kindling a friendship with Fluttershy, and only actually shows interest in her date at the dance when it looks like he's about to start a fight. In this comic it could be perfectly possible that while Dash is het, Gilda might in fact have a secret crush on her room-mate and be unable to up and say it.
    • Given the recent possibility that Dash has feelings for Firefly, it's probably not because Dash is straight but the above still could be true if Dash just doesn't have romantic feelings for Gilda.

Firefly is going to die.
  • Dash never mentions Firefly despite her being obviously closer to Dash than Gilda is currently, going so far as to claim that Gilda was her best friend from that time. Something is going to happen that ends the relationship as it is now, and given the high school drama feel of the work, it's probably going to end in tragedy.

Dash claimed Gilda was her best friend because Firefly was her first real love and was either The One That Got Away or The Lost Lenore.
  • Firefly for whatever reason ended up breaking Dash's heart, either by not sharing her romantic feelings or by dying.
    • Given the most recent events, death is looking like the likely outcome.

Firefly and Dash are forced to break up when Billy ruins the JV team's chances at winning and both their reputations.
  • Firefly's chances for upper education get ruined when Billy's uncle arranges for her and Dash to get kicked out of flight school and Firefly's parents blame Dash. Dash refused to speak of Firefly ever again out of regret.

Rainbow Dash and/or Fluttershy will travel to Ponyville
  • We'll eventually have to learn how they became friends with Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie before Twilight arrived.

Fluttershy and Brolly will still be together in present day, just long distance.

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