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Heartwarming / Dash Academy

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  • When Derpy gets sick, who stays in the waiting room to make sure she's okay? Rainbow Dash and Firefly.
  • Each and every one of the Junior Speedsters working hard, and working together, to finally win a game.
  • The final comic of chapter 6 sees Rainbow and Firefly holding hooves, kissing, nuzzling, and falling asleep beside each other watching TV, in that order. It's an absolutely adorable moment.
    • And, adding to it slightly: when Gilda comes back to the room and sees them asleep, leaning against each other and hooves over one another... she just walks in and coughs loudly, looking away, as if pretending she didn't see anything. She then doesn't bring it up while they quickly separate and get into their own beds, saving them the embarrassment.
  • Recently Billy and his cronies overhear Dash and Firefly having lovers' talk and are set to humiliate them over it. When Gilda finds out what they're planning, she tosses the 2 sidekicks from the room and proceeds to rip Billy a new one. Whether the fan theory that she has feelings for Dash is true or not, no one messes with Dash on her watch.
    • And then after the two have an argument-turned-relatively passive discussion, Billy agrees to give Rainbow one more try at a fresh start, for Gilda. (Time will tell if he's serious about this or just setting up one more downfall, but if nothing else, his facial expressions and word choice imply the former.)
  • Firefly's desire to stay in her relationship with Dash. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.

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