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Leslie becomes Quorra.
Ok hear me out. The book takes place in the 70s, the disney adaptation takes place in 2007 3 years before Legacy. Sometime in the 80s after Tron, Flynn read the book, looked into it's history and visited the author. Upon meeting the IS Os he finds one that reminds him of the Leslie Character and makes her more like that person to honor the author. Evidence as follows.

1. Both have child like imaginations, but have adult-like wisdom.2. Both have a relationship with their male friends that isn't quite romantic, but not quite platonic.3. Both rather live outside their respective worlds. Leslie would rather live in Terabithia and Quorra would rather live in The Real world.

Leslie goes to Heaven because the rain cleansed her of her sins

If you notice, during Leslie's last scene it is raining. When you see rain in cinema, it often means cleansing. This means that she is going to heaven after all.