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  • User Name: Wuz
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Language(s): Chinese (Mandarin and Wu dialect, native level, cannot actually speak Wu dialect but can understand it when listening), English (a mix of British and American English, near-native level)
  • Personality: Sentimental. Had experiences with depression and emotional outbursts in high school due to difficulties with managing emotions. Had recovered a lot from the days of depression and emtional outbursts, but still really prone to anxiety and self-absorbing behavior.
  • Other Notes:
    • Wuz is a composite of my Chinese first name and last name. "We Wuz Kings" became a meme after I came up with my username in 2010.
    • I've made a lot of mistakes on this site in the past. The biggest one is completely mucking up the formatting for the Character sheets on Wiki.SCP Foundation. I want to help to clean up the mess that I left behind, but I don't even know how to help. If anyone has plans to completely rework the SCP Foundation character pages, I would gladly help with those plans to make things right again.

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