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Make me.

But seriously. He's a total nerd whose main spheres of nerditude lie within the realms of console and tabletop RPGs and cartoons, especially when it comes to voice actors in the latter.

His number one mission on TV Tropes is to clean up any spelling and grammatical errors, because he is a pedantic asshole.

Mission number two is fixing misquotes from Futurama, Megas XLR, or any other cartoon he has the entirety of on his hard drive.


He once played through a BioWare RPG in one sitting. Did as many sidequests as he could and got to level 20. His legs regained full functionality after a while. Has a habit of claiming "that's my new band name" whenever someone says something that would make zero sense out of context. Goes on edit sprees every time he gets his hands on a new DVD set.

Head admin for both the Teen Titans and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wikia wikis thanks to slavish attention to trivia and the aforementioned pedantry.


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