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>Examine shoddy fanfiction.

Welcome to the official page for Night of the Mongolian Safari.

What merely started out as just pretend quickly spun out of control. A Massively Multiplayer Crossover spanning the likes of Neopets, Kingdom Hearts, BIONICLE, Homestuck, Minecraft, Pokémon, Touhou, Guild Wars, and a whole boatload of other things. All masterminded by one man. It features lots and lots of All There In The (Non-existent) Manual, The War Sequences, shenanigans, obtuse terminology, Big Bads that constantly stab each other in the back, and Sylvari.


Basically two things are constant: Sylvari and shenanigans.

The series is divided into Games, which are then divided into Disks, Books, and Acts. It's a bigger numbering mess than the Rambo series, and can easily be tripped over. The first game, The Mahri Wars, started in a peaceful village on Shing Jei Island in the year 207206846 NOTMS. But more was afoot than it seemed... Only days later, Kormir, Goddess of Truth, having been corrupted by the influence of Avalon, sent the Nonsense Army after a newborn Sylvari: Kaihua Purring, the Goddess Matriarch of the Sylvari. Kormir was defeated on the battlefield by a team of wandering heroes on the day when a broken Gummi Ship fell to Tyria. Purring was an ace at everything. She repaired the ship, learned how to use it, and mastered her Elementalist powers while she was at it. Then she helped stem a Toa invasion of Neopia for twenty years, armed with her newfound Keyblade.


The second game, Ignited Anger, picked up where the first game left off: Purring, stationed on Neopia, working alongside Sasha the Dancer to rebuild the Sylvari Race (a good chunk of them had been wiped out by a dragon.) Her work was suddenly interrupted by the advent of the Ignitions, lead by the dragons Malefor (Ghetis) and Avalon (Xenahort.) Alongside Organization XII, now fourteen members strong again, Purring waged war against the Ignitions and won, at the cost of losing Neopia to the Toa.

The third game, Ending a Legacy, started five years after the start of the second game. Neopia had been forgotten to time, Purring had mapped out the known universe, the Organization worked together with the Empire to defend Amateria, and Team Zodiac fought Team Plasma for control of Pokéopia. Despite the loss of the Ignition leaders, the Lingering Will of Master Xenahort had taken the Ignitions under his wing, prepared to destroy everything. Having captured Purring at least twice, he seemed to be a pretty effective villain; this was especially because of the fact that he had managed to corrupt Notch and Fennel and put them on his side. However, Purring hid herself on the battle world of Skyrim, where she died offscreen to an arrow to the eye. (She was revived near the end of the game.) Meanwhile, the Organization, combined with the Protoss/Covenant/Imperial Fleet, began to siege the Ignition base in epic space combats. Ghetis had taken control of the Covenant fleet, Luke Skywalker became Emperor, and Herobrine became the hero of the universe. Eventually, after two years, the trainer A Latian, daughter of A and 4 Fortatide, slew the Ignited Heart with the Chaos Card. What nobody knew was that the Ignited Heart's death was a needed step to create the Green Sun. Makuta Teridax, however, recognized the threat and created the Order of the Feeder to summon a forgotten god to stop the Ignitions.


Game 4, Destati, started on Neopia with a discussion between Riku and Herobrine, on the very same hill that Purring obtained her first Keyblade. Riku set out on a quest of self discovery to try to find the mythical Star of Tropical Radiance to fight the Order of the Feeder, but instead found out about his ancestry on Madrigal - he was descended from the first Keyblade user: Madrigal, the Giraffe that Considered Hurdles. Armed with the ultimate Keyblade, he showed up at the end of the Followers Battle in Star Valley to try to obtain the Shrapnel of Light, but was beaten there by Teridax, who stole the Shrapnel of Darkness. Teridax is promptly usurped by Lord Drive, who claimed the Shrapnel for himself, and nearly took over. Meanwhile, the Komato force finds the ruins of Earth, and Alpha Strikes the Tentacomet that invaded it out of existence. Five years later, Riku realizes that the Shrapnel of Darkness is really just the resting form of Grontimügarr, the Feeder of Pain. He combs the universe for answers, eventually locating a book on Forerunner Lore describing their god of pain: Grontimügarr. He sets out to locate the Submachine, a Forerunner relic drifting between universes. Having found it, he strikes a deal with Murtaugh, the lone inhabitant: seal the Feeder of Pain inside, and Murtaugh becomes the hero while only doing a small part of the work. The Feeder of Pain is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Riku, John Egbert, and Iblis. Riku awoke in Gensokyo, where he discovered he was the long-lost brother of Reimu Hakurei.

The fifth game, BLACK KING / GREEN SUN, started thirteen years later, opening with the child of Riku and Starwish. The young Yukari Hakurei soon set out on her adventures in SBURB, a game retooled by her father... Being hosted on the old SBURB Unofficial boards, it soon pretty much embraced the wacky randomness. Soon, the party expanded out of control - mostly a bunch of natives of Gensokyo, but enough other people to balance the party out - as the Ignitions return. As the main party ends up in the Eridanus-Supervoid, Murtaugh reawakens in the Submachine, with only Seija, Science, Demo Roseclair, and the Feeder of Pain to keep him company... Through forces unknown, a nedben and his helper break into the Submachine: an act which allows the gang to escape as Murtaugh does what elder Horrorterrors, demon lords and ultimate heroes alike could not do - slay the Feeder of Pain. Meanwhile, the party begins to train for the inevitable showdown with a corrupted Chen and the Black King of the Green Sun himself, all the while a Shinto god of insects adapts to a new life in Gensokyo. However, the universe was not safe. azureGoddess had returned under a new alias, the eldritch and enigmatic monstrosities known as the Zebras began to seep into the universe from Zebraspace, the ever-present threat of the Iginitions loomed over everyone's heads, and most of all, Hina Narukaze was still trapped in a fluffy dream...


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