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past stuff.

After a little while I finally learned how to bake cookies and stuff. I would hand them out... but I won't.

Now, I shall tell you about myself...

-pulls out a sheet of paper-

I am a aspergery girl who wasted her whole life around videogames and the internet. My social life only revolved around school, and my providers and their family's. I get kinda dramatic over stupid stuff and I am a very literal person. I really like my friends here.

I am also a big pokemon fan.

I am LilQueenDaisy, I added Queen and Daisy to be reconizable. Which is obvious.

Tropes related to me.

Berserk Button: If I get a lot of homework I will flip tables, also my sibling being annoying.

Genki Girl: When I forget my meds I act kinda like this. I also get distracted easily.

I Hate Past Me: I really regret the many firsts posts I made in this site.

M Oe: I get described as cute a lot. So I guess I am... On the inside.

Nice Guy: I act like this online and when I'm in a good mood.

Undying Loyalty: I am a very good friend and will make sure to stay that way.

Vandalism goes down there, and feel free to add tropes... Please?

Hey, Daisy.


;-) -Rivux

  • You sure you're not handing out cookies? I'd gladly trade you one for a slice of pie. :) -Mobile Leprechaun
    • -pulls out cookies- Here you go. :D

  • Hi, Daisy~! You don't bring out Plumps much, now. -Yin Hachiko
    • I kinda noticed that now, maybe he will come back when I discover a way to reverse evolution

  • Hi there! Care for a cake? -rockmanx
    • Sure! :D


  • Hey! I know you!
    • Hiiii.

  • -Mines through page and uleashes yet another Balrog-... Sorry! -Eldritch Seer