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Well, here you are. Looking at my page, expecting something witty for me to say.

Except I'm not saying anything, I'm typing these words and you're reading. And I'm linking tropes right now to these exact words to highlight how crazy this all sounds.

So yeah, I like to think I'm a witty guy, but I'm very serious in what I do. I'm a fan of Anime and Manga, but not otaku level. I play Roleplaying Video Games (especially niche ones) and tend to be very philosophical in my debates. I'm also a part time fanfiction writer, with works mostly on my fanfiction account "Vegeta the 3rd".


I see myeslf as just a normal guy with some nitpicky editing and adding of tropes (though I don't usually check my own tvtropes page so forgive me if this looks bland as heck).

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