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ђє'ร คɭ๓๏รՇ Ŧค๓เɭเคг, ץєՇ ร๏ Ŧ๏гєเﻮภ..

You found this place, congrats. What, did you expect a novel?

Yeesh, old me was a jerk. Anyways, I'm J08! You probably know me from the Forum Games and may also know me as the GM of Cosmic Interference. I'm pretty new to TV Tropes honestly, and I just picked up how to format pretty quick. If ya want more... too bad! I'm in school half the time I'm on here, so my posting is as unstable as my mental state!

Right, let's get this place fixed up, shall we? Everything above in gold still applies, but I plan to make this FAR bigger. Stay tuned!

     Things I like 
  • Electric music/breakcore, though don't think that means random glitchy noises mean music!
  • Meta Humor! Yeah! I can make fun of myself and not look sad! (This isn't a cry for help, seriously.)
  • Clowns. Particularly, POWERFUL clowns. Dimentio, Marx, Jevil, you get the gist.
  • Friday Night Funkin' mods.
  • (I also have a strange obsession with strategy tycoon games.)
  • And most of all... hanging out with my friends on our roleplay, Cosmic Interference!

     Things I Do NOT like 
  • Wasting Time.
  • People who complain about something that can't be changed, or that they can do themselves easier.
  • Poppy Playtime. I will warn you, praising those devs isn't a Berserk Button of mine, but it WILL lead to passive-aggressive responses.
  • Just... general Jackassery. I'm sorry, but nobody has any reason to just be a jerk and a bully.
  • Instant Kill Spikes of Doom and other traps. It's just cheap.

also... you guys do realize I don't care if you want more right? Asking for more won't make me angry.