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Hello everyone. I'm IC 1101, and my main interests are space/astronomy, Terraria, Serina and science in general. Hereís an extra thing (yes, this was inspired by the list about Phazon Emperor_Ing made.)

     What not to do with the Astral Infection 

  • 1. Donít eat or drink it.

  • 2. Donít put it next to the Corruption or Crimson.
    • 2a. Just because the Hallow was excluded from that list doesnít mean it doesnít apply!
    • 2b. The same thing applies to all biomes that spread.

  • 3. Donít put it near animals or plants.

  • 4. For the love of all things holy, donít put it near anything anomalous!!

  • 5. Donít touch it without some kind of protection on where youíre touching it.

  • 6. Donít try to make things out of anything corrupted by it except Astral Ore or Astral Monolith.

  • 7. Donít spread it everywhere. If you have done so, get rid of it all.

  • 8. Donít use it for power generation. If you do, and it kills you, you deserved it. If it somehow doesnít kill you, it should have done so.

  • 9. Donít mix esoteric particles or atoms with it. It wonít end well.

  • 10. JustÖkeep it locked up in a hardened glass and steel box, so it canít harm anyone.

  • 11. If youíre dumb enough to touch it, youíll die/become mutated/both.

  • 12. Astral Monoliths cannot be used to make paper, and by extension, books. We tried. Itís still going to kill you. Plus itís terrible for paper-making anyway.

  • 13. Yes, I know Brighteye tamed a Stellasect. That doesnít mean itís repeatable.

But I like Nightscale. Canít we get another one? - Ember

  • 13a. No taming anything Astral infected unless the Ark grants you permission.