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Hi!I am Homemade_psycho and I will say nothing without the presence of my attorney.

Ok fine.Homemade Psycho is a slightly less dangerous than his username suggestsnote .He is a gamer. He likes anime/mangas....a lot. Stay up till 4am to read another chapter lot.Lifelong fan of wrestling,he will one day (when he gets in better shape) go to wrestling school.He believes Firefly is the best thing ever to hit a television screen and will back you into a corner and make you watch it until you realise it too.He almost has a B.Mus in Classical (think spanish) guitar and is currently in a linguistics program in Cégep.He speaks French,English, Spanish,German and will learns japanese it's its the last fucking thing he does.He will help you in any of those languages (or in music, or to make music, or for anything else really.Just PM me or something) if you need it.Loves to Flashmob.


He is also starting to like referring to himself in the third person

Tropes that apply to me

  • Acrofatic:He is 6'0 300lbs.He spends more time 10ft in the air, moving around on stacks of boxes and metal shelves than on the ground
  • Gentle Giant: He can't say no to anyone asking for ....well.....anything and will never hurt anyone
  • Berserk Button:......unless they hurt his friends.Please don't hurt my friends

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