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"This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."
—Bill Clinton on Dookie, during a famous address.

Since this is a troper page on a site about cataloging tropes, I might as well only mention what is relevant to that end: I don't edit TV Tropes often, but I can safely claim that it has ruined my life. I left TV Tropes for a couple months and returned because I thought I'd recovered. So then I left again. And now I'm back. I think I'll leave again because it's fun to come back and see how many minor things have changed. Though while I'm still here, may as well inform you that I sympathize with SPOON and am generally a Lumper.


I started the Legostar Galactica page and have heavily contributed to the Foundation and End Of Eternity pages and to a (much) lesser extent the Oblivion, Deus Ex, and Crime And Punishment pages. I am currently working to improve the Anna Karenina page. I launched the Thought Caption, We Will Not Have Appendixes in the Future, and Ship Level pages (in that order).


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