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Any entry onto this page is evidence that TVTropes is ruining DokEnkephalin's life. They warned me it would cause cancer.

You've been on TV Tropes for too long when you can guess with at least 40% accuracy where a Pot Hole leads before your cursor even hovers over them.

I'm up to 87%. I weep for my immortal soul.

Alright, now. Two things that bug the everliving shit out of me enough to declare jihad:

Gratuitous spoiler tags: If it happened in the first episode, or the first 1/4 of a movie/game, it's not a spoiler, it's the premise. If it's revealed about a character in their first episode or encounter, it's not a spoiler, especially if it's their only appearance. If it appears in the trailer or promo shots or OP or Next Time On, it's not a spoiler. If it's described so obliquely that only someone who has already seen it would understand, then it's not a spoiler; that is the ideal way to add the entry anyway.

Abused spoiler tags: Adding spoilers that aren't even an example of the trope it's listed under. Tacking on spoilers to an example that sufficiently illustrates the trope without giving away anything. And a combination of both: Following up an appropriate trope example with a spoiler tangential or completely irrelevant to same trope. And an example that stands in a class by itself: consistently spoiler-tagging a detail that would mean nothing unless it were given significance by waving the spoiler flag over it.

If You Know What I Mean: Heh, heh. Heh, heh. You're so goddamn clever, you couldn't think of one of the hundreds of available Sex Tropes more specific to Pot Hole? Over-reliance on this makes you look like a prepubescent cretin who doesn't actually know what you mean.

And I'm really not on a crusade to Pot Hole Artistic License to Blatant Lies. I just think it's funny.