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Clockwork Archer is a name, that likely makes next to no sense (it really doesn't, it's basically the equivalent of a Word Salad Title)

I am currently planning out numerous stories, in particular fanfiction, though I have a few original ideas floating around. Pretty much, I always have way too many ideas, and half of them get abandoned... though I suppose that would make my final plans that much better, considering I would end up getting rid of the crap parts of my plans...


There are really only two fandoms I might write for, specifically Digimon (a show that I have a nostalgic fondness for... but in particular Tamers, but likely Adventure and Adventure 02 as well; Anything past that is unlikely) and Heroes (an AU starting near the end of the first season, though I might include some of the better elements of the later seasons...)

Incidentally, I have a completely horrible habit of being unable to stop my various bouts of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness (specifically making anything I write seem almost formal), and I really can't seem to stop using longer... words... even in just plain ordinary conversation. So chances are any edits I make will probably seem a tad too formal, so I'm apologizing for that in advance. Alternatively I resort to Buffy Speak... it's a rather odd combination really, though luckily I only rarely lapse into that.



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