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Ceran who Seduced a Succubus, proud of himself no matter what you think.

He used to be Kuyukly, but changed his nick for personal reasons.

I found TV Tropes through a friend of mine who always references it. I cracked one day and checked it out...You can imagine what happened after that.

It's my life's dream to be a Big Damn Hero. Something a little more realistic is that of a script writer, specifically video games.


I'm going to take over the world. You'd do well to just sit back and let me.

I'm a gamer. I grew up with Mario. I beat the first Super Mario Bros when I was three.

Mega Man is my favorite franchise and I really really really really really really really really want a good, solid, mature Mega Man and/or Mega Man X anime series. Upon a dub, I don't know about a Mega Man anime, but I'd want the hypothetical Mega Man X anime to be voiced by the cast of Mega Man X8.

Some have called me The Heart. Others call me a Jerkass, but who cares what they think, the bastards. At least I'm nice about it.

Nerds Are Sexy, dammit.


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