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Hello, welcome to my Troper page!

I'm just your average anime and video game loving dorkfish who's majoring in Japanese at Ball State University and has a penchant for reading the fuck out of shittons of fanfiction.

I'd like to think I'm Genre Savvy Meganekko, but we all know a Ravenclaw is just a higher order of unabashed geek. When it comes to my fandoms, my shipping goggles are on 24/7, leading to Chronic Multishipper Syndrome in all shipping genres. I also tend to be a total fangirl over my many favored fandoms so don't be alarmed by my fangirl squeals.


Personal role models include Sakura Kinomoto, Zack Fair, Yuna, Yoko, and Aqua.

So uh, see ya around I suppose.


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